Customers of leisure facilities, more than any other type of customers, expect to be comfortable. After all, they are spending discretionary income, so they really expect to be well taken care of—at all costs. Either your facility is extremely pleasurable—or, it isn’t. So, if your facility is running an old, inefficient air conditioning system, or doesn’t have one, you’re risking your customers’ comfort and, more importantly, your business’ profits. And, what’s worse, you’re almost guaranteed to lose those all-important customers to a well air conditioned, well ventilated leisure facility.

Air conditioning systems in leisure facilities should serve two purposes: (1) efficiently control the climate and (2) improve air quality by maximizing ventilation. Most leisure facilities require a commercial-grade, but affordable air conditioning system—one that can stand up to constant use; however, one that is also energy efficient. Additionally, because many leisure facilities—such as restaurants, bars, casinos, etc.—have high numbers of customers all at one popular time, there is also a need to improve air quality, further assuring the comfort of its customers. When you’re looking for a reputable company with extensive experience in servicing leisure facilities, look no further than Controlled Climate Limited.

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