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Consider replacing your air conditioning or heating system if it is old, inefficient or in need of repair. And, because today’s air conditioning systems are extremely energy efficient—sometimes as much as 60% over units that are ten years old or older—you can save a considerable amount of money in reduced energy costs, making today’s air conditioning units a cost-efficient upgrade.

In order to select the appropriately sized air conditioning system for your needs, we will need to measure the entire space that the system will be used in. Also, we will take your budget into consideration, when making our recommendations.

In most cases, we can install or service your unit in the same day; however, this is dependent upon our schedule. To check our availability, please Contact Us or call 01749 670889.

A 12 – 36 month manufacturer’s warranty is available on most units; however, the warranty is only good, if you regularly maintain your unit. Contact us or call 01749 670889 to schedule maintenance service.

Most air conditioning systems come with 12 – 36 months warranty. Because each warranty is different, check with the manufacturer of the product you would like to purchase for specific warranty information.

Yes, most new units these days are fully equipped heating AND air conditioning units—central air conditioners—and most are energy efficient. And, there are a wide variety of units to suit your budget and family’s needs. We can help you determine which heating and air conditioning unit is best for you. Call us today!