Unfortunately, even the best air conditioning systems need maintenance from time to time to keep running smoothly. Maintenance is always needed, as you don’t want your air conditioning system to break down in the dead of summer while the sun is shining through the windows or during the colder months of winter.

If your air conditioning system is working correctly, you should not even notice that it is there. Unfortunately, your air conditioning unit will develop small issues over time, which is why maintenance is important. If the small issues are not identified early on, the problems could escalate, resulting in higher costs. Regular maintenance tailored to your set requirements is needed to ensure higher efficiency levels and to make sure that the performance of your system is still good.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system could revolve around clearing dirt out of the filter to stop it clogging up, fixing a compressor leakage or even replacing the fan motor to ensure that it does not break down. All these small maintenance issues can be costly repairs if not identified early, which is why carrying out maintenance is important. Our team of specialists will carry our preventative repair work at a time that suits you. We aim to repair the issues with minimal disruption to your home or office.

The main benefit of regular maintenance is that you can save money in the long term. It will extend the life of your air conditioning unit as we can identify issues before they become costly damages.

Controlled Climate is a full-service air conditioning company, which means we cover everything from design and installation to after service care, such as maintenance. With over 25 years of qualified experience, you can rest easy knowing your air conditioning system is in good hands.