Your home should be a comfortable oasis where you can relax and unwind away from the hot weather. British homes are not built for the heat, which means your house can get extremely hot during summer and warmer months. That is where Controlled Climate comes in, as we can install an efficient and reliable air conditioning unit in your home to keep you cool, collected and comfortable.

Without air conditioning, you might feel unmotivated or too warm to do anything. You might feel too warm to do household chores or even participate in leisure activities. You might have a fan to cool you down, but that won’t keep you cool when you move away from the fan.

Our home air conditioning units will keep you cool, no matter where you are in the room. We can install different types of air conditioning systems in almost every room of your house, including your bedroom, conservatory, loft conversion and lounge, to name a few.

An air conditioning unit will tackle humidity, provide a better work environment, and improve your home’s air quality.

The team at Controlled Climate are qualified, professional and experienced; therefore, they will tailor our services to suit your needs and requirements. We will make sure that the installation you receive is right for your needs and set requirements. We strive to provide you with the most suitable solution at a competitive price.

If you are ready to install a reliable and effective cooling and heating system in your home, you can contact our team at Controlled Climate today.

repairing AC

Do you find it hard to sleep during the warmer months? Maybe you have sleepless nights, all because your bedroom is too humid and warm. Our ac units can help.

lounge with AC

Protect your home with the vital function of an air conditioning unit. Good air quality and timely maintenance are crucial in the upkeep of your home.


A conservatory should provide you with a lovely space to relax and enjoy with your family and friends, do so in comfort with an air conditioning unit for your conservatory.

loft conversion
Loft Conversion

Choose the home improvement for the job and get it done by a specialist team you can trust. We have years of experience in installing aircon units for all kinds of jobs, including loft conversions.

Ducted Units for Homes
Ducted Units for Homes

A ducted air conditioning system can be customised according to your home’s requirements and space. Find out how we can install these systems into your home.