Everything happens in the lounge, from family game night to fun gatherings with friends. You can watch TV in your lounge, read a book or simply relax. What you don’t want to do in your lounge is sweat endlessly even when you are sat down or have to hide under a mountain of blankets because you are too cold! A convenient and easy to use air-conditioning unit will fix this, making your lounge the perfect temperature for you, your friends and family who visit.

Air conditioning can improve the comfort of your lounge and improve air quality, reduce health risks, and even reduce the level of noise in your home. Without air conditioning in your lounge, you would have to open windows which would mean you will hear everything happening outside, and you will be inviting pesky insects inside. Our air conditioning units will keep your lounge at the right temperature without you having to open the windows.

We have a selection of different types of air conditioning units you can pick, including wall mounted air conditioning units and floor mounted units. We can discuss, in detail, the different units which are suitable for your space.

With over 25 years of qualified experience, we are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you through our services. Controlled Climate offers you a complete service from a no-obligation site survey to aftercare maintenance and everything in between, including design and installation. We will recommend the right air conditioning unit for your lounge from the initial site survey that suits your space, budget, and requirements. We aim to make your home more comfortable for yourself and your guests.

Our experienced and certified technicians are on hand to get started with your air conditioning needs; until then, you can contact us if you have any questions about our services.