Air Conditioning system installation created bespoke for your environment, our range of air conditioning installations are designed to make your business and home more comfortable.


When your air conditioning system is not working as it should, it can result in more hot air, you could even experience a breakdown or reduced efficiency. Never worry about home maintenance again, get professional air conditioning home service and maintenance, we have a team of highly skilled experts on hand.

As established air conditioning contractors here in the South West, Controlled Climate have over 25 years of trading experience in air conditioners and heat pump systems. Located in Somerset near Bristol, we have experience in all areas from design through to installation and servicing. Our wide range of heating and cooling systems are designed to suit every need and requirement. Alongside this, we are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship, reliability and professionalism for every single client and on every single project.


Leading the way in Southwest air conditioning, our expert team of engineers are on hand to tackle all forms of cooling. We work closely with you to design climate control heating and air conditioning setups that work in your environment. Our expertise spreads over both commercial systems through to smaller scale residential systems to keep your home comfortable throughout the entire year. Alongside air conditioning installation, we can create bespoke systems that filter your air, cool or heat it accordingly and help to minimise the impact of allergies and airborne irritants.


Controlled Climate provides a total service for those requiring a comprehensive package. This includes everything from an initial site survey through to non-disruptive installation and post-fitting maintenance. As air conditioning Somerset-based experts, we have worked on a vast number of projects over the years in which our customers are always put first. All of our bespoke air conditioning systems take into consideration the available space alongside budget and technological requirements. This ensures that your air conditioning system ticks every box.


The heat can become unbearable in warmer months, and British homes are not built for the heat. Heat retention is what British homes specialise in, which means it can become unbearably warm in summer. That is why you should consider installing an air conditioning system, as it has more benefits than you think.

Controlled Climate provides an effective air conditioning system that will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, but that isn’t all. Your sleep will improve thanks to a reliable air conditioning system, which will provide you with the ideal temperature.

Air conditioning can provide you with a better quality of life and improve the comfort in your home or business. Discover three ways air conditioning could help you if you installed one of our systems today.

At controlled climate limited, our certified technicians provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective air conditioning solutions for your home, office or institution.
Our qualified technicians ensure the installation of any of our air conditioning systems is carried out quickly and correctly, first time round. After we complete the installation, we will test the solution to ensure optimal performance—and, of course, your complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our honesty and keep our clients well informed throughout the process.
We provide an energy-efficient air conditioning solution that includes a 12 – 36 months warranty.
Our 12 – 36 month warranty offers quality assurance and piece of mind. Please refer to FAQs for more information regarding our warranty policy. To see our FAQs read on.
You can save a considerable amount of money in reduced energy costs when you replace your inefficient existing system, making today’s air conditioning units a cost-efficient upgrade.
Cost effective. Energy efficient and good for the environment. Update your old systems with the help of Controlled Climate Change For more information read on.

Due to the fluctuation in weather in the UK, the popularity of air conditioning systems is on the rise. More and more people want a reliable system in their homes to provide them with the ideal temperature, no matter the weather outside.

Here at Controlled Climate, we have a team of experts who are not only ready to install your air conditioning system but who are willing to share their experience. Our team can provide you with knowledge and information to help you make the right decision when installing and maintaining your current system.

Our blog section covers issues you may face daily relating to your air conditioning system. You can check out the latest from our blog right here to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest news, advice, guidelines and more.

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