Controlled Climate has had the privilege of working with a range of clients, which means we have completed a range of projects, such as home air conditioning installation, floor mounted air conditioners, maintenance and more. Those projects have allowed us to write detailed case studies that demonstrate how we offered solutions to our client’s problems.

The case studies we have available showcase the skills, strategies, problem-solving, and customer service we provide to our clients. These case studies provide you with insight into how we operate, and you can see the level of craftsmanship we offer to each individual client.

Our case studies provide detailed insight into previous projects we have carried out, which provides essential research that we can use for our next project. Continual improvement, innovation and development are essential when it comes to our company, which is why case studies are so critical.

Thanks to our case studies, we can improve the level of outstanding service we provide to our customers, as we can use the results and solutions to influence our next project positively. When reading through our case studies, you will also gain insight into the results we produced for each of our clients.

If you are considering the installation of a new air conditioning system in your home or workplace, you can contact our experienced team today. We are happy to answer any questions relating to our services or case studies.


A large Pharmaceutical company had moved into 3 new warehouses that required to be kept at a temperature between 18…

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there was no heating and cooling on the sales and storage areas, installed 2 cassette units on the sales floor…


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