While some people love having a lot of floor space by mounting items on walls, others prefer to have their walls clear for artwork or simply because they prefer clear walls. If this sounds like you, floor mounted air conditioners are the perfect solution to keep your walls clear and your room at your ideal temperature.

Many people prefer floor mounted air conditioners as they are in closer proximity to them, as opposed to wall-mounted ones; you feel like you benefit from the temperature change quickly. Floor mounted air conditioners are also more discreet than other air conditioners, such as wall-mounted ones, as it minimises the impact to the interior design of your room.

Not only will our floor mounted air conditioners save you wall space, but they are also quieter than keeping your windows open or running a fan and will help get your room at the temperature which is right for you. Our floor mounted air conditioner can make your home or office feel much more comfortable no matter the time of year. Whether you want to stay cool in summer or warm in winter, we have you covered.

We offer a no-obligation site survey, which allows us to make recommendations for your space, budget and location. Before providing you with a formal quotation, we will personally discuss what you can expect from your floor mounted air conditioners. Our formal quotation will outline the details of the design and installations.

When you are happy with the contract, our team at Controlled Climate will work swiftly to ensure minimal disruption occurs while we install your floor mounted air conditioner. If you have any questions about our services or the different types of air conditioners, you can contact our team today.

If you lack sufficient wall space, you know which air conditioner to choose.