Loft conversations make the most of the space beneath the roof of your house. You can adapt it into an area such as a bedroom or even a study. Loft conversions are great as they increase the living space in your home, add value to your home, and planning permission is rarely required. There is a lot to consider when converting your loft space, not just who will get the space! For example, you will have to consider the temperature.

Without the right air conditioning system, your loft conversion can feel hot and sticky during warmer months and colder during winter. The right air conditioning system will add a touch of luxury and comfort to your loft conversion.

Air conditioning in your loft conversion will help reduce moisture build-up and maintain air quality and humidity levels. The right air conditioning system could also help you increase the value of your home, as you are increasing the amount of comfortable living space in your home.

While we can make recommendations based on your requirements, we believe wall-mounted or ducted units are the best for a loft conversion. Of course, our expert team of professionals will discuss your requirements to create a bespoke design and installation plan for your needs.

Our overall aim is to provide you with an effective air conditioning unit, right for your budget, durable and reliable.

We offer a no-obligation site survey, which is a great way to determine which air conditioning unit is right for your loft conversion. We will suggest units that suit your space, location and budget. No two environments are exactly alike, which is why we create a bespoke service tailored to your specific needs and requirements. If you have any questions about our service, you can contact our team at Controlled Climate today.