Have you ever looked at your current space and thought that an air conditioning unit would take up too much room? We are here to tell you that there are other options aside from floor mounted air conditioners. Wall-mounted units, for example, are ideal for small office spaces or homes as they do not take up much-needed floor space.

Wall-mounted units are considered inexpensive, ideal if you are working within a budget but still want to stay at the right temperature throughout the year. Another benefit of wall-mounted units is that they do not cause too much disruption to your home, as they will exhaust heat or humidity through an easy to miss vent in the wall. Unlike their bulky window air conditioner counterparts, wall-mounted units are vastly more aesthetically pleasing, as they will not block the view out of your window or cause too much disruption to your interior décor. The sleek design of our modern air conditioning units will ensure that they will discreetly cool or heat your room throughout the year.

Flexibility is another key benefit of wall mounted units, as our team will tell you. Our team will work with you to create a bespoke service to meet your specific requirements. The wall-mounted units are available in different efficiencies, capacities and sizes, meaning that we can find a unit that suits your home and your needs.

Our service starts with a no-obligation site survey to ensure we make the right recommendations for your space, location and budget. We will discuss what you can expect from a wall-mounted unit before providing you with a formal quotation that outlines the project’s details.

Once the contract is sorted, our team at Controlled Climate will work swiftly to ensure that minimal disruption occurs while we install your wall mounted air conditioning unit. If you have any questions about our wall mounted air conditioning unit, you can contact us today.