VRV and VRF systems refer to variable refrigerant volume or flow and are two different terms for the same HVAC technology. These systems dated back to the 1980s and were first invented by Daikin, who are dedicated to providing total climate solutions and high-quality products to help create comfortable interior environments for everyone.

VRF is the most common term used for these systems, which we will continue to use as we move forward. VRF refers to a sophisticated technological air conditioning system that features inverter compressors, several air handlers, and the ability of modular expansion and is a refrigerant. The basic principle of VRF is that it only circulates the minimum amount of refrigerant needed during a single cooling or heating period.

Most of our VRF systems function by using the input from the user or data from its surroundings to create a logical comfort condition. This means that this system has the ability to adjust itself to the outdoor conditions to create an environment that the user finds comfortable.

There are different types of VRF systems, including cooling only systems, heat pump systems and heat recovery systems. Our team of skilled technicians at Controlled Climate can discuss your options in-depth to create a tailored service that suits your needs. We will ensure that you have the installation that suits your needs.

For additional peace of mind, many of our commercial-grade air conditioning units come with service plans that include full maintenance, as we understand that to prolong your systems life span, maintenance needs to be carried out regularly. We also offer a 12-month warranty. If you are ready to install a reliable and effective VRF system in your home or office, you can contact our team at Controlled Climate today.