Unfortunately, the weather has a habit of impacting certain school activities. The rain can stop sports day, and the snow can stop field trips, but you don’t have to let the weather affect indoor school activities and lessons.

A reliable and efficient air conditioning system in your school will help provide a comfortable, productive and safe environment for the students and even the teachers. A safe and comfortable learning environment is the key to productivity and understanding. During the warmer months, classrooms can get too warm, so a reliable air conditioning unit is needed to regulate the temperature. With a simple turn of a dial, your classroom can be cool and comfortable.

Studies show that your concentration can be negatively affected if the temperature is too hot, which is not optimal for students wanting to learn. A reliable air conditioning unit is an investment as it can help students concentrate on their studies. You can help students stay focused in the classroom when you invest in an air conditioning system.

Air conditioning systems are also convenient and easy to use once installed. Every teacher will be able to switch on the air conditioning unit whenever the classroom is too warm.

The installation process of your air conditioning unit is carried out by qualified, efficient and experienced air conditioning contractors based in Somerset. We tailor our specialised services to suit your needs to ensure you receive your school’s best quality air conditioning system.

Many of our commercial-grade air conditioning units come with service plans that ensure full maintenance. We also offer a 12-month warranty for additional peace of mind. If you are ready to install a reliable and effective air conditioning unit in your school, you can contact our team at Controlled Climate today.