Health and beauty salons can get extremely hot because of the equipment, especially the curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers and hair dryers. And, because of the long hours, the equipment is in constant use, creating even more heat. Then, of course, there is the heat created from sun tan beds, etc. With all the heat-generating equipment—it’s no wonder that most health and beauty salons need a high-quality and affordable air conditioning system.

The type of air conditioning system that is most common in health and beauty salons are window room air conditioning systems and central air conditioning systems. Window room air conditioning systems are great for small salons with moderate cooling needs; however, if the salon is large or requires significant cooling, central air conditioning is best.

When choosing the perfect air conditioning system for your salon’s needs, it is important to discuss usage and needs with a reputable company and qualified technicians. So, when you are looking for an affordable air conditioning solution for your health and beauty salon, Controlled Climate Limited can help you keep your customers comfortable. After all, a happy customer is a paying customer.

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