Air conditioning and the temperature of a room is something many office workers find themselves complaining about. This light-hearted blog will provide five tips on how to minimise these issues in the workplace.

These include finding a comfortable working temperature in accordance with HSE temperature guidelines, making use of natural ventilation when available and providing drinks machines to help people cool down.


In order to limit disagreements within the office, about whether to turn the air conditioning up or down, have the room set to a specific, middle ground, temperature. This way the office space will always remain at a specific temperature, so employees can adjust to the temperature and bring items such as jackets or fans, in order to adjust.


It’s natural that everyone in the office won’t be at the same temperature, so make sure there are fans on hand for days that are hot, but not hot enough to put the air conditioning on. Desktop fans will allow people to cool down, who just happen to get hotter faster, without upsetting people who are okay with the current temperature.


HSE refers to the health, safety and environment guidelines that are put in place to protect people in the workplace. Temperature guidelines state that the minimum temperature in the workplace should be at least 16 degrees Celsius; this is for an office-based environment where movement is limited. If the work involves rigorous activities, the temperature should be at a minimum of 13 degrees Celsius.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with natural ventilation, it is a process of supplying fresh air into a building through passive force. Natural ventilation can be increased by having two separate supply and exhaust openings.


This is especially applicable for the hotter days of the year. Make sure there is a vending machine or work fridge present in your workspace, in order for employees to stay cool through cold beverages.


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