If you’re considering an HVAC system in your business or home, the best piece of advice we could give is to do your research. There are several different options available out there, and the best one for you will depend on many different factors. Here at Controlled Climate, we pride ourselves on being experts in air conditioning. This is why we’re creating guides to help you make the right buying decision. This guide will cover zone control HVAC systems – a popular option for many domestic environments.

What is a Zone Control HVAC system?

As the name suggests, Zone Control HVAC systems offer separate cooling benefits to different zones in a building. They generally serve 2 or more zones and act as an alternative to having separate air conditioning units installed across a building. To do this, they use a unique ductwork design that controls the airflow within each zone. If you were to fit separate units in each zone, you would need to have a dampener installed for every single unit. By options for a Zone Control HVAC system, you eliminate this need and allow the system to be designed in a more streamlined and suitable design.

Who are they suitable for?

Zoned HVAC systems can benefit several different environments. In domestic settings, they can be configured to allow each room to be controlled individually. If you live with people who prefer different heating environments, this is ideal – they have full control over the room they’re in without upsetting anyone else. Equally, these systems work well in the hospitality industry. Hotel rooms can become havens for each guest without the need to regulate the entire building independently. The ‘zones’ created can cover any space needed by you – they don’t just have to be rooms. You could have each floor of a building managed differently too.

Zoned HVAC systems also benefit homes with large windows, where heat loss is rife. They can be used to manage condensation in lesser-used basements or to keep an exercise area cool while you’re working out.

How do they work?

These systems are complex and generally designed for each site. This allows for the customisation of each ‘zone’ and the programs needed to manage them. These heating and cooling systems use dampers within the ductwork which regulates and directs air to the designated zones throughout a building. It can easily reduce airflow, if needed, to help a room warm-up or increase it to achieve a cooling feel.


Some of the benefits of opting for a zoned HVAC system include:

Increased Efficiency

Having more control over your air conditioning system allows you to manage usage. You will no longer need to run an air conditioner at full power to cool down an entire building. Instead, you can reduce energy usage and redirect cooler air to the rooms that are being used at any given time. This means, during Summer, you can cool down the rooms that you entertain in regularly without walking into your bedroom at night to an ice palace. Your energy bills will reduce (saving you money over time) because the system won’t be working at full capacity to manage the temperature needs of an entire building.

Fully Customisable to Your Needs

As these units are based on zones, they are easily customisable. A ‘zone’ can be dictated to meet your needs. It could be a room or an entire floor, as we’ve mentioned above. Being able to control temperature, depending on the needs at any given time and within any different room, allows you to better manage a property. You can make sure that rooms with additional heating or cooling elements receive less support, thereby reducing your bills.

Longer Lifespan

Because you’re not putting pressure on your HVAC unit to cool an entire building all of the time, you can expect less wear and tear. This translates into a longer life span and less costly repairs for damaged components. Overall, this means your investment will go further.

More Convenience

Modern households and buildings need the technology to help them run smoothly – and this requires a focus on convenience. Zoned HVAC units are designed to offer just this. With the ability to manage each room, you no longer need to run a system full blast to get the results you need. Many modern machines can also be controlled by smartphone apps, meaning you can better control temperature, even when you’re not at home.

Better for the Environment

Because you don’t need to run them 24/7, zoned air conditioning units are much better for the environment. You can switch them off when no longer in use, reducing their output and your carbon footprint too. So, if you’re looking to make a conscious effort to better environmental practices in your building, they are a very appropriate option.

Do I need one?

So, is a Zoned HVAC system the right option for you? Working with a professional air conditioning contractor, such as Controlled Climate, is the best way to answer this question accurately. However, consider the following questions when making your decision:

  • Do you need to manage temperature differently in separate areas in a building?
  • Are certain rooms in your building left unoccupied for extended periods?
  • Are you concerned about condensation in any of these unoccupied rooms?
  • Do you find that certain areas of your home are stuffy or freezing, depending on the weather outside?
  • Are you uncomfortable spending time in any corner of the building, because of the temperature?

Working with specialists is the best way to design and install an air conditioning unit that suits your needs. If you would like to speak to one of us, please do get in contact here for more information.