Have you ever worked in an environment that’s just too hot in the summer, to the point where you feel uncomfortable, unable to work and distracted? Or maybe you are a business owner who manages a shop, showroom or office that suffers from these problems. One of the things that can really help in any commercial environment is an air conditioning system. They are great for all kinds of businesses from offices through to retail stores, bakeries and cafes, not only keeping you and your employees cool but your customers too.

Even though our weather isn’t the best and topsy turvy, to say the least, during the summer it can get very warm and when we have a prolonged heatwave air conditioning is an essential feature. Many of our buildings in the UK are built with energy efficiency in mind and include lots of different things to retain the heat such as triple glazing and insulation in the walls and roof. All of these things can cause a building to become overly warm during the summer. Air conditioning enables you to enjoy a comfortable, consistent temperature in your workplace throughout the year. Modern systems also purify the air too so it’s beneficial for your health.

When you run a business everything you do is under scrutiny from a cost-saving perspective. You really need to make sure that the business is running as cost-effectively as possible and while the installation of air conditioning may be a large initial investment the advantages over the long term are immeasurable.

Here are just some of the benefits associated with the installation of air conditioning in your commercial premises:

One of the main benefits associated with air conditioning is temperature regulation. In a commercial environment with machinery, equipment and people the temperature can increase quickly to unsafe levels. Air conditioning units can maintain the temperature at a more comfortable level and your employees are safe and do not dehydrate.


In the workplace being either too hot or cold can have a direct impact on productivity. In the heat productivity decreases and your employees will not be as motivated or efficient as they would when the temperature is at a more comfortable level. Air conditioning can help achieve optimum temperature levels and help to maintain levels of productivity no matter how warm it gets outside.


Many modern air conditioning units are very quiet, and you hardly notice they are cooling the air around you from a noise perspective. The systems won’t be distracting, and it will be a welcome addition to the environment.

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With advances in technology, businesses are using more machinery and equipment and maintaining the right temperature will prevent breakdowns due to overheating. Any piece of equipment which overheats can be costly to repair.


The installation of an air conditioning system isn’t just about maintaining a consistent temperature. Many modern air conditioning systems feature air filters which remove allergens and other pollutants from the air such as mites and fungi. This improves the overall air quality in any commercial environment which promotes the overall health and wellbeing of staff and customers. You also have an obligation to your employees to provide a safe and comfortable working environment and air conditioning allows you to do this.


Opening windows wide during the summer months to let fresh air into the building can present a security risk for your business, particularly those who store lots of stock or equipment. With an air conditioning system, you can keep doors and windows closed reducing security risks. Sometimes when all doors and windows are opened throughout the day, some of them may get overlooked when the business closes down at the end of the day leaving the business open to intruders and theft not to mention data protection issues.


If you often host events or meetings at your place of work, there is nothing worse than a room full of people which is too hot, and everyone is uncomfortable, stressed and overheated. When a room is at a comfortable temperature, visitors are more likely to stay for longer meaning a better impression of your business.


Air conditioning systems are constantly evolving to reflect the needs of commercial property owners. There are lots of different options that you choose from such as split systems to larger VRF systems. They can be completely tailored to your business, whether you run small premises or a large office block, your employees will be cool and comfortable wherever they are working. Furthermore, many air conditioning units are incredibly energy-efficient, being able to adapt their temperature depending on the weather outdoors, maximising energy efficiency, reducing utility bills and helping to decrease your carbon footprint.


In the summer, humidity can be a big problem. Air conditioning units can bring the temperature back under control and rebalance humidity levels. Humid air makes a room feel even hotter than it is, but air conditioning systems are constantly redistributing the air to bring down humidity and improve the comfort of employees and customers.


Another problem associated with opening doors and windows during the summer is unwelcome visitors flying into the building such as wasps, flies and other critters. This can be distracting and present a health risk, particularly in food-based businesses. Closing the windows will keep these creatures outside where they should be. Without an air conditioning system, this can make the workplace uncomfortably hot. With air conditioning installed, you can keep everyone happy and deliver the optimum working environment for you and your colleagues.


Commercial air conditioning units can be designed to suit the specific requirements of your business, being installed to circulate airflow where it is needed and bring down the temperature. Modern systems automatically adjust the temperature to ensure that it is at a consistent level throughout the day. Comfortable working environments result in higher productivity and healthier employees too.