At Controlled Climate, we provide FREE and non-committal site surveys that help us to establish the suitability of a site and its requirements. For larger-scale installations, this allows both sides of the party to understand what is needed to help cool a specific space. For us, it is one of the most important parts of establishing a relationship with our customers. We want to make sure that the cooling system we configure and install meets your needs for many years to come. Our air conditioning site surveys are detailed but vital and, in this guide, we’ll go over what is involved and explain why we provide them as standard.

What Is an Air Conditioning Site Survey?

Our site surveys are an opportunity for our experienced engineers and yourselves to discuss the requirements of a location. They allow us to analyze the space in question, take measurements and look for factors that may impact the effectiveness of different units. These surveys also give us the information needed to provide a more accurate quotation for your property. We want to know factors such as:

  • How much natural ventilation there is in a building
  • What machinery is generating heat and how often it is run
  • The square meterage of the space in question
  • Space availability and how this will impact access for maintenance
  • How many people occupy the space on a day-to-day basis

During a site survey, our engineer will walk around your location. They will take measurements, make notes and may even take photographs for their own records. We also discuss the demands and requirements with you directly, ensuring we know as much as possible about the service you’re looking for.

Why Are They Important?

The information that we gather from air conditioning site surveys is invaluable. While clients could provide us with answers to a standard block of questions we pull together, that wouldn’t give us a clear understanding of their specifications. Some AC suppliers will supply and install without this information. Yes – this may save you money initially. But a lack of understanding about the environment and setting that a unit is being placed into increases the risk of malfunction and complications in the future. If you invest heavily into a unit that is unable to cool a room when it is at full capacity or cannot meet your needs as your business grows, you’ll end up spending twice.

Calculating Costs

The main reason we conduct air conditioning site surveys is to provide an accurate quote. During these considerations, we take a broader view than just the initial installation costs. Your air conditioning unit should work for you today and in the future. It needs to run efficiently, help to reduce the need for additional cooling elements and be sustainable in the long run. A poorly designed system will fall below requirements, costing you more per month and running the risk of high repair costs in the long run.

While the initial installation costs for a commercial AC system may be high, this will cover a vast array of considerations. We want to pair you with units that:

  • Keep monthly costs low
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature all year round
  • Don’t disrupt productivity with excessive noise
  • Integrate into your building to prevent distractions
  • Can be easily maintained with a structured plan
  • Have a reduced risk of damage or breakdown
  • Offer good efficiency for a long time

A site survey allows us to factor in all of these elements, including ensuring there is a contingency fund set aside for any emergency repairs that may arise.

Finding the Right Products for You

We take the information gained from the site survey and use it to design a system that exactly fits your needs. Whether you need consistent cooling throughout the winter months in specific high-demand rooms or require access to these tools sporadically, we design for you. The right products will offer the strength needed to ensure all of your employees, guests and visitors feel comfortable in the environment. This means considering whether your property is best suited to a single split system, multi-split system or VRF system.

Single Split System

One of the most commonly used systems in the market, these cost-effective units are ideal for smaller commercial settings. They have an indoor and outdoor unit and connect via electrical wires and tubing for easy installation. Each one is self-contained, meaning you won’t disrupt the entire system if one breaks down and they are relatively quiet to run.

Multi-Split Systems

These systems don’t require an outdoor unit, making them ideal if external space is limited. Instead, they use inverter technology which makes small changes as the temperature fluctuates to keep your property comfortable. They are better suited to larger spaces or those with multiple floors and require some degree of pipework to install.

VRF Systems

Also known as Variable Refrigerant Flow systems, these are best for medium to large-sized buildings. They use both air cooling and refrigerants to cool a space. Alongside this, they have several smaller air handlers that are independently controlled and provide heightened flexibility in different spaces around your business. These are one of the more expensive options.

Understanding your site fully is the best way for us to recommend the right products and configure a cooling system that perfectly meets your needs.

At Controlled Climate, we have over 25 years of trading experience providing commercial-grade air conditioning units to our clients. With a focus on high-quality workmanship and professionalism, we work closely with you to design systems that work for you. From commercial systems through to small-scale residential installations, our bespoke systems help to cool or heat your space accordingly. And, we also provide full-service comprehensive packages which include everything from the initial survey right through to post-fitting maintenance.

For more information or to speak to one of our experienced engineers about booking a FREE air conditioning site survey, get in contact with us here today.