If you are a commercial company looking for advice on what goes into an air conditioning survey, you have come to the right place.

This blog post will look at what happens during an air conditioning inspection or survey. We aim to explain the importance of meeting the Energy Performance of Building Regulations and when these inspections are required to take place.


An air conditioning survey aims to provide you with a cost-effective quote for your building. The overall aim of the survey is to address energy performance as well as to make any necessary checks that ensure there is no risk to health and safety.

Ultimately, an air conditioning survey is essential as it helps to address any maintenance requirements to ensure health and safety.


An air conditioning survey will provide you with insight into the way your building transfer’s energy and what the function of your system is, as well as what control features you will need. Surveyors are then able to suggest what type of unit you might need.


If your air conditioning system has an effective rated output that is more than 12kw, then it must be inspected by an energy assessor regularly. When we refer to regularly we mean that inspections can be no more than five years apart.


We offer FREE site surveys that are designed to establish the suitability and necessary requirements your location needs. Throughout the design and implementation process, we can establish the necessary system strength to ensure that you and any on your premise feels comfort bale.


We established ourselves as an air conditioning contractor in the South West 25 years ago, which means we have 25 years of trading experience in air conditioners and heat pump systems under our belts.

With all our experience we cannot keep it to ourselves, therefore, if you have any further questions about what goes into an air conditioning survey, feel free to contact a member of our team today. We are always on hand to help.