It may seem like a simple question but do you really understand how aircon works? The majority of us use this technology on a daily basis, whether in our workplaces or in communal spots like the doctors waiting room. So, how does aircon work? Today’s blog will explain all you need to know.


In short, air conditioning machines use the same process as a refrigerator to cool indoor air. When liquid changes into a gas, it absorbs heat. Air conditioning machines use chemicals that quickly convert air from a gas to a liquid and then back again. The chemicals used to transfer the heat that came from inside your property then turn it into a waste by product and release the cooler air into your home. There are 3 parts to a normal AC unit – the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. The compressor and condenser are normally fitted outside of the air conditioning unit while the evaporator sits inside your home.

The air conditioner will suck warm air into the ducts through vents found within your home or office building. This air is transformed from a gas to a liquid and back to a gas in no time while the residual heat is removed. Ducts will then blow this cooler air back through your home. You will be able to control the exact heat that is required. Your air conditioning unit will continue this process of gas-liquid-gas until the building has reached the desired temperature. Once this happens, the AC unit will switch off.


Yes, there are many similarities between an air conditioning machine and a refrigerator. If we take your household fridge, for example, all the warm air that flows in when you open the door is sucked in through an in-built cool box. In here, the air is mixed with special chemicals that make it change to a liquid and then a gas again quickly. This process absorbs the heat from your home and results in cooler air which keeps your food fresh at all times.


In short, yes they can. Many air conditioners also have a heating pump built into them. These absorb the heat that would normally go to waste when cooling a room down. Therefore, this can be reused into heating energy and is, on many occasions, a more energy-efficient alternative to conventional heaters.

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