The IT section of your business is, arguably, one of the most important in this modern world. It is the hub by which your employees communicate, your business is discovered and you can track activity within your industry. Server rooms are both the hubs of your business and notoriously overheated. Numerous machines working flat out and constantly in demand drives temperatures up and, alongside this, the risk of damage. To combat this, you must understand the right server house air conditioning system for your needs. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to consider before investing.


In our modern world, it is rare to find a business that isn’t heavily dependent on its server. As we mentioned above, whether you have an individual server cupboard or an entirely-dedicated room, these environments need to be controlled and maintained. With a multitude of machines working at full capacity for an extended period of time, the excess heat can drive temperatures through the room. And, these soaring heights can cause malfunctions, system failure and increased downtime for your business. This is where the right cooling system comes into place. Designed to reduce temperature and prevent complications from occurring.

At Controlled Climate, we refer to these commercial set-ups as server house air conditioning packages. However, you may also come across the acronym CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning). As the name suggests, these are simple air conditioning systems set up to run in communications rooms and data centres. Unlike residential options, they are designed to deal with high levels of heat and utilise a varied range of technologies to create a balanced environment.


Server rooms vary significantly in size and purpose, depending on the business. However, several key factors impact how hot these environments get during any given time:

  • Size – It calls to reason that the smaller (and less naturally ventilated) a space is, the quicker temperatures will rise.
  • Lighting – Outside of LED, normal lighting will give off its own heat. Incandescent bulbs can emit up to 98% of their energy at heat which contributes to the overall temperature in the room.
  • No. people – If your IT server room is manned at all times, the general temperature will be higher. This being said, unmanned rooms can still reach exceeding heights.
  • Equipment – Depending on the number and type of equipment you have working in your IT server will dictate the temperature.

When considering the right type of air conditioning unit for your space, it is important to take into account the points mentioned above. Traditionally, conventional air refrigeration-based air conditioners would have been chosen as a standard option. However, more and more businesses are questioning whether the added power consumption and carbon emissions make these the most viable solutions.


In these situations, some businesses are turning to CREC systems (Computer Room Evaporation Cooling Systems) and opposed to CRAC. Instead of using refrigerants, wet filter pads cool air by bringing it into contact with water. This then evaporates into the air and cools it down. With these, businesses are able to use significantly less energy but still benefit from the temperature control needed.


The right air conditioning system will depend heavily on your individual requirements. However, there is a general rule-of-thumb when it comes to achieving the ‘ideal’ temperature. Exceeding a temperature range from 10°C through to 28°C is considered unsafe in this situation. Keeping it anywhere in the region of 20°C and 21°C will allow machines to work efficiently while avoiding permanent damage to the hardware.


Every server room has differing requirements. Businesses functioning solely online or interacting with external offices have high-demand servers with numerous machines and significant needs. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, maybe able to run with a smaller foot-print server space and one that isn’t in demand 24/7. While it is generally accepted that a commercial-grade central air conditioning system has the power to adequately cool more spaces, these aren’t always the right solution. Your decision should be made on factors including:

  • Initial investment.
  • Flexibility to growth.
  • Installation time.
  • Available power/required power consumption.

Here at Controlled Climate LTD, we have a team of certified technicians dedicated to each and every client. They take into account the needs of your business along with the size of your room, no. of machines and employees. We work with your budget to find the most effective solution – both from an installation standpoint and monthly energy costs too. By offering our professional and first-class service, we’re dedicated to ensuring we need your budget, time-scale and precise needs at all times.

With over 25 years of experience, our team specializes in commercial air conditioning design with unit tune-ups, when needed, and full maintenance programmes too. These services are offered alongside FREE site surveys, allowing us to establish your requirements and the suitability of our suggested systems. We also offer service places and 12-month warranties for peace of mind.


As we mentioned above, the IT server room is one of the most important sections of your business. Therefore, it pays to invest in quality cooling systems that keep your machines working for longer and efficiently at all times. When you choose to work with Controlled Climate LTD, we follow these steps:

  • Site Evaluation – Our professional technicians will visit your IT server room, evaluating the space and using this information to determine your needs. We listen to your concerns and make sure to ask questions to gain a full understanding of the specifications in this specific environment.
  • Proposal – We then create a proposal with our suggested set-up explained fully. This can be tweaked and adjusted along with our client’s approval.
  • Installation – Once approved, our teams come back in to install your system. With over two decades of experience, we have some of the most dedicated and passionate technicians to give you peace of mind.
  • Quality Assurance – After we have installed your system, our technicians will test it to ensure it runs at an optimal level. This allows you to fully understand the system and to make sure it ticks every box.

We’re here to help you run an efficient and productive IT server within your business today. For more information about our energy-efficient air conditioning solutions, please do get in contact here.