This blog post aims to help you understand the size of the air conditioning unit you might need and whether it can sit inside or outside. This post will also explain the needs of these units, including ventilation and space, while helping you to understand the implications and cons of each option.

Why you need an air conditioning unit

Did you know that if you are experiencing chronic fatigue, persistent colds, and severe allergies, it could be a sign of inadequate air conditioning systems? Either your air conditioning unit needs to be repaired, serviced or replaced. Some research also claims that air conditioning units provide you with better quality sleep; it can also reduce the presence of insects in your home and can even improve work performance when referring to a commercial system.

Indoor air conditioning units

Your home is your safe haven; after all, there is no place like home. Both indoor and outdoor air conditioning units contain coils and fans, and they both provide you with the air you desire. An indoor AC unit is mounted on your wall and will include an air conditioning evaporator coil, filters, and air conditioning ducts.

Indoor units tend to be smaller and more compact than outdoor units, and typically are much quieter; however, you would not be able to hear your outdoor unit at all.

Outdoor air conditioning units

Outdoor air conditioning units will provide your home with the hot or cold air you desire; however, you will get the extra benefit of a comfortable and quiet home. An outdoor AC unit contains an air conditioning condenser coil, an expansion valve and a fan. Outdoor AC units tend to be higher than your indoor AC unit.

Our technicians

Controlled Climate Limited’s certified air conditioning technicians have skills and experience to carry out the job efficiently and effectively. Our overall goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the air conditioning unit we install and maintain.

We are here to help

With over 25 years of trading experience in air conditioners and heat pump systems, we can safely say that we have much expertise to offer. Let us help you with your air conditioning unit, therefore, if you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of our team today.