If you’ve travelled abroad to a hotter climate, it’s likely that your hotel room or holiday accommodation was fitted with an air conditioning unit. We depend on these machines in hotter environments to keep us cool and comfortable. But do you really need an air conditioning unit here in the UK when so many of our days are overcast or rain-sodden? We’ll explain why we think the answer is definitely yes in this blog.


Here in the UK, we are continuously experiencing hotter and hotter days. Yes, we have a lot of rainy days and periods of colder weather. But when we look at records over the past few years, our warmer days are becoming increasingly tropical. In July 2019, we experienced the hottest day since records began with temperatures reaching a roasting 38.7°C. And an article published by The Guardian reported that the Met Office predicts an overall increase of 1.1°C in our average temperature recordings in 2020. So, the evidence is there to show that the UK is experiencing considerably hotter days than we’ve ever had before.


As it stands, the majority of homes in the UK are seriously ill-equipped to deal with soaring temperatures such as this. We are a country highly dependent on our radiators to keep homes warmer when the temperature drops. But in the height of summer, our only real reliance is on fans and opened windows. And in extreme heat, this just won’t cut it. The USA is known for being highly reliable on air conditioners. In fact, some studies show that 84% of homes in the United States have some form of air conditioning. As a result, they are fully equipped for the high temperatures experienced every single year.


While many of us may feel sweaty and slightly faint in hot weather, it can have serious health implications for young children and the elderly. According to the NHS, approximately 3,000 people were admitted to hospital in 2017/18 due to health-related ailments. These ranged from severe sunburn to heat exhaustion and sun-related heatstroke.

For the elderly and young children, these implications can be significant. And this risk continues on to those with existing heart and breathing problems. Air conditioning not only cools the air around us but also reduces the level of allergens, improves air quality, and controls humidity.

Air conditioning units aren’t just for tropical holidays. They offer a host of benefits to UK homes too, especially with our Summers set to become more like those found in Spain, Greece and further abroad. Contact us for more information.