Choosing residential and commercial devices that help to protect our environment is a hot topic of discussion right now. We are becoming increasingly aware of what our overuse of technology is doing to our planet and there is a real need to take action. Air conditioning has been around for many years and, during this time, has acquired a bad reputation for its non-eco-friendly ways. However, times are changing and it is now entirely possible to use your model in a way that takes into account the health of our world too.


  • 1. Choose the Right Size

One way that you actively impact the amount of energy your air conditioner is using is to choose the right sized model. We’ve written a blog post entitled, ‘What Size Air Con Machine Do I Need?’ which walks you through BTUs and your required capacity. A machine that is too small and under-capacity won’t be able to deliver the cooling you’re looking for. Therefore, you’ll run it more AND rely on other electrical drains (such as a fan) to create the right temperature. A large unit will continuously startup and shut down to try and meet the thermostat set point. Again, this uses unnecessary electricity and increases your carbon footprint, as a result.


  • 2. Opt for a Fully Programmable Thermostat

Modern air conditioner units will have thermostats that allow you to set an optimal temperature. Some also have the technology to be scheduled for use only when someone is in the house and dependant on a number of factors. This ensures your device isn’t running all the time and draining electricity.


  • 3. Consider a Geothermal Heat Pump

Designed specifically to improve on eco-friendly design, a geothermal pump takes into account the temperature of the earth. Therefore, it will only heat up a room on days where the earth is underneath the thermostat setting. In tests, this has been shown to be up to 40% more efficient than traditional models.


  • 4. Service and Maintain Your Unit

You can’t expect your air conditioner to work smoothly without any form of maintenance or care. We recommend that you have the unit checked over annually, and bi-annually if you use it more regularly. You’ll also find 3 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Air Conditioner here.


  • 5. Look for Eco-Friendly Models

Two-stage compressors, customised match systems, geothermal heat pumps – these are all features of new, modern eco-friendly air conditioning units. If you’re specifically looking to get the cooling benefits with the least impact on your surroundings, speak to a professional who will be able to source the right models for you to choose from.

Our team at Controlled Climate are always here to help you with your air conditioning needs. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about eco-friendly air conditioning use, get in contact here today.