There are many benefits to having an air conditioning unit installed in your home alongside being able to better manage the temperature. Here in the UK, we are becoming increasingly aware of these benefits and more homeowners are looking at having their own systems fitted in different rooms. While we may be known as a nation of radiators, unlike the US who have nearly 1000 million homes fitted with air conditioning, there is still a growing interest in our local market. And one of the key benefits that are swaying people towards making the jump is an increase in home security.

Household Security in the UK

It is estimated that every 2 in 100 households in the UK will become victims of domestic burglary per year here in the UK. Research from Calder Security shows that 67% of burglars seek entry into a property through the door while 29% break in through a window. ⅓ of these use unlocked windows. The easiest means to enter a home normally attracts the least attention, making it less likely that the authorities will be called or that they’ll be discovered at all.

With these statistics, it becomes increasingly obvious that human error contributes significantly to the risk of theft in the UK. Having a routine in place that involves always locking our windows and doors is vital – especially when we leave our property unattended. But, the same attention to detail should be given when we’re in the home. All it takes is for our attention to be distracted or us to be preoccupied on another floor and an opportunistic thief has all the time in the world to go through our cherished belongings.

How Does Air Conditioning Improve Household Security?

Air conditioner units work by cooling down the air in a room and recirculating it around. If we leave our windows open, especially during warm weather, the hot air can overload the air conditioner and cause it to fault. Keeping the windows closed makes it easier to maintain a consistent temperature and ensures that you feel all of the benefits that you’re paying for.

It calls to reason that, if we focus on keeping our windows closed to benefit the most from air conditioning, we are also creating a more secure home. There is no longer the need to close open windows, previously used to air out a room when we leave home. Therefore, we keep our homes closed up and burglars out.

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