Having an air-conditioner fitted in your home offers a host of benefits. But, for many of us in the UK, it isn’t one of those technologies we’ve grown up using. And as a result, many of us aren’t getting the most out of our air conditioning units. Here at 7 of our top tips on how you can make your air-con work hard in offices or residential properties.

Replace older models

As with any technology, older air conditioner units won’t work as effectively as newer models. Primarily, we have become more conscious of our impact on the environment. Modern air conditioner units will work smarter, reducing the amount of wasted energy and minimising the damage they can do. We recommend you replace a properly maintained AC unit every 10-15 years.

Make sure the air conditioner fits the side of the room

Every AC unit is made to cool a room of a specific size. Each one is manufactured with a cooling capacity (BTUs/hr) which measures the amount of heat that a unit can remove from a room per hour. You’ll need to take into account your room size and any additional heat sources, such as computers. We have a helpful blog here to help you complete this calculation.

Clean the condenser unit

This dryer vent needs to stay clear from debris, allowing the machine to work properly. It should be regularly inspected and cleaned with a garden hose, with caution taken not to damage anything.

Change air conditioner filter

Use natural cool air where possible

Natural air should be used as much as possible, to reduce additional wear on your air conditioner unit. During colder nights, open up the windows and allow your home to cool naturally. This will help to prolong the lifespan of your unit.

Use blinds to prevent heat build-up

In the same way, window blinds can be used to manage excessive heat in a home. Roll them down during the hottest parts of the day. Or, consider solar reflective or sheer blinds for rooms that need to be usable throughout the day.

Have your air conditioner serviced regularly

Servicing your unit allows a professional to cast their eye over all of the technical components. It will identify any minor repairs that can extend the lifespan. It will also ensure you get the very most out of your air conditioning during the warmer days.

Controlled Climate has been supplying residential and commercial air conditioning units to clients for many years. If you have any questions on how you can best maintain and manage your model, get in contact today.