If your air conditioner unit starts to leak it can be a stressful situation as you start to ask yourself, how did this happen? Why is it leaking? How do I stop this happening again? We are here to tell you not to panic, as we have over 25 years of trading experience in air conditioners, so we know many reasons why your AC unit might be leaking.

This blog post will discuss 5 reasons why your AC unit might be leaking, and how you can minimise the chance of the leak happening again.

1. Filter being blocked

If the filter in your AC unit is blocked, it can cause high pressure to build up, which can result in a leakage. A blocked filter can restrict cold airflow, which can cause cold air to build up inside the AC unit.

Minimise the chance of this happening

You can clean your filter every so often to prevent build-up.

2. Condensation line being clogged

Over time mildew and algae can build up in the condensation line, which can cause the line to become clogged. This line needs to be clear in order for the condensed water to exit through a small drain pipe.

If this line becomes blocked it can cause the water to back up and therefore your AC unit will leak.

Minimise the chance of this happening

Make sure to clean the indoor line in the AC unit becoming blocked, you can do this by using a funnel to pour bleach with warm water mixed in to kill the algae build-up. If the bleach and water combination does not work, you can use a plumber’s snake to remove build-up.

3. Air conditioner coil becoming frozen

You might notice that your AC unit is leaking due to the AC coil becoming frozen, so it might be an ice build-up. If this happens, you need to allow the coils to thaw, which can take up to 24-hours. An AC coil could freeze due to a low refrigerant or unsuitable fan operation.

Minimise the chance of this happening

In order to minimise your AC coil from freezing, we suggest that you change your filter monthly, have the thermostat checked and check the condensate drain checked weekly.

4. Damaged pipes

Over time the drain pans can become damaged, cracked or they may rust over time, this can result in holes forming and therefore leaks could occur.

Minimise the chance of this happening

Again, this issue can be monitored if you check your pipes regularly; however, you can always contact a professional to check the condition of your AC unit.

5. Outside temperature

Colder months or colder climates can cause your AC unit to leak. The outside temperature can cause leakage as less water will evaporate, which causes water to build up inside the unit. This built-up water in the unit then starts to leak.

Minimise the chance of this happening

Something as simple as putting a cover made of a breathable material over your AC unit can help minimise the chance of this happening.

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