Here in the UK, air conditioning units have long been reserved for commercial properties. We’re used to having them in our shops, offices and gyms. But few of us experience these cooling systems in our own homes. As more and more of us choose to have them installed in our bedrooms, home offices and kitchens, one key question we receive is ‘Are air conditioning units noisy?’. Let’s look into that here today.

UK Regulations Surrounding AC Noise

Having AC installed in your home will improve comfort for you and your family. But it is equally important that it does not cause disruption for neighbours and those living in close vicinity. In the UK, we have a set of noise level regulations that cover air conditioning units. They differ for every council but, consider that normal conversation is around 60 decibels. Ideally, you want your air conditioning unit to run under this level but ideally closer to 15 decibels which is the same as a whisper.

What Makes the Noise?

As long as your boiler is running properly and there are no issues, the only noise you should hear is a slight whirring of the fan. This is what pumps the cool air back into your room. Louder noises, such as rattling, buzzing or screeching can be an indicator that there is a malfunction. In these instances, you need to call an air conditioning engineer to identify and fix the issue before it gets worse.

Considerations to Make With AC Noise

When choosing your AC unit, you can opt for one on the market that hails quiet running as one of its unique selling points. They are marketed towards people with terraced houses or flats where reducing noise is essential. You will also want to take into account the positioning of your AC unit – specifically the outdoor compressor unit and condenser unit. If possible, store the condenser unit in a boiler room or utility space where the sound will be reduced.

If noise is a key buying factor for you, consider an inverter system. Unlike traditional AC units, they can run very quietly and use less power at the same time.

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