Once you have an air conditioning unit fitted, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. These modern machines can help reduce excessive heat, improve air quality and create a more enjoyable internal environment. Most designs are easy to use, with warning lights to alert you if anything goes wrong and the manufacturer’s customer services team just at the end of the telephone. But, did you know there are certain things you should never do to your air conditioning unit? Read on to discover 5 of them.

Ignore maintenance

We’ve written a blog post about the importance of maintaining and servicing your air conditioning unit here. In order to get the most out of your machine and ensure many years of service, you must have a system in place to check and maintain its internal parts. Everything from the filter through to the fan and mechanical components all needs to be checked on an annual basis to guarantee they are in full working order. Ignoring this need increases the risk of high-cost damage over time and reduces the lifespan of your unit significantly.

Forget to replace the filter

An air conditioning filter is used to catch dirt, dust and airborne contaminants. It is one of the reasons why HVAC units help to improve air quality and reduce allergy symptoms. Ignoring the need to replace these vital components is one of the most common reasons why systems fail. If left, the filter will clog up, your unit won’t be able to perform at an optimal level and you’ll risk increasing the risk of respiratory illnesses instead of reducing them. Change your filter along with your maintenance schedule – at least, once per year.

Ignoring warning lights

Modern HVAC machines are designed to easily alert the user if any faults arise. They will do this as early on as possible, giving you the time to book an air conditioning service or engineer for the repair. Ignoring warning lights is a sure-fire way to experience a full unit breakdown and more expensive repair work in the future. It may even cause the unit to become entirely unrepairable and meaning that a full replacement is needed. Don’t ignore any warning lights!

Ignoring the refrigerant levels

As part of your regular checks, it’s important to keep an eye on your AC unit’s refrigerant levels. This vital liquid is needed to remove internal heat, discharge cool air and keep the machine running smoothly. If levels drop below the minimum level, you’ll experience reduced performance and efficiency. And, if left for too long, you’ll also face costly repair charges too.

Not working with a professional

Many air conditioning checks can be done in-house. However, when it comes to repairs or warning light checks, it does pay to bring in the experts. HVAC systems are expensive and highly relied upon in both commercial and domestic settings. Choosing a reliable contractor, such as the team here at Controlled Climate, will give you peace of mind and ensure your machine is returned to full working order as quickly as possible.