• Welcome To Controlled Climate Limited
    Controlled Climate Limited is a full-service air conditioning company, located in Wells, Somerset near Bristol, in the South West of the UK. From start to finish, Controlled Climate Limited’s total service air conditioning can help you find the most affordable air conditioning solution for your needs.
  • To ensure the protection of an IT environment and prevention of server failure due to over heating, a high quality air conditioning system is vital. Controlled Climate Limited can help.
  • Our Commercial Services
    When you aree ready to install a commercial air conditioning unit, you can rest assured that Controlled Climate will take every measure to ensure your satisfaction. Whatever the scope of your project, large or small.


Here are just some of the reasons why choosing Controlled Climate Limited is the right choice for you.

  1. At Controlled Climate Limited, our certified technicians provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective air conditioning solutions for your home, office or institution.

    Our qualified technicians ensure the installation of any of our air conditioning systems is carried out quickly and correctly, first time round.  After we complete the installation, we will test the solution to ensure optimal performance—and, of course, your complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our honesty and keep our clients well informed throughout the process.

  2. We provide an energy-efficient air conditioning solution that includes a 12 – 36 months warranty

    Our 12 – 36 month warranty offers quality assurance and piece of mind. Please refer to FAQs for more information regarding our warranty policy.

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  3. You can save a considerable amount of money in reduced energy costs when you replace your inefficient existing system, making today’s air conditioning units a cost-efficient upgrade.

    Cost effective. Energy efficient and good for the environment. Update your old systems with the help of Controlled Climate Change.

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